How long after moving a refrigerator can i turn it on?

Refrigerators can be tricky when moving. The internal components are very sensitive when moved and could cause a problem if not moved correctly. Depending on how your refrigerator is moved will determine how long after moving you should wait until you plug it in.

You may plug in your refrigerator immediately if the refrigerator was moved in an upright position. If your refrigerator has been placed on its side during transit (which it should never), you’re supposed to wait the same amount of time it has been laying on its side. If it’s been on its side for 30 minutes during transit, wait 30 minutes once it’s back upright. If it’s been on its side for more than a day, you should wait 24 hours.

What to do if you’ve moved your refrigerator on its side

You’re not supposed to move a refrigerator on its side. If you do, you can ruin the internal mechanisms and potentially break the refrigerator. When a refrigerator is laid on its side, the oil in the compressor will flow from the compressor tube into the coolant lines.

After a refrigerator has been moved on its side, it must sit in an upright position for the same amount of time it was on its side. This is to allow any oil that may have flowed into the coolant lines to have enough time to return to the compressor and clear the coolant lines. For example, if the unit was on its side for two hours, it must sit upright for at least two hours before you plug it into the wall outlet.

If you have no other choice than to move it on its side, make sure you lay it down on the side opposite from where the compressor lines run out of the compressor. For example, if the compressor line exits the compressor on the right side of the unit, lay the refrigerator on its left side.

The best thing to do really is to not lay the refrigerator on its side at all. Although moving a refrigerator on its side doesn’t mean it’s 100% going to break, there’s just no sense in risking the chance if you’re able to move it upright.

Don’t Forget: Clean The Coils

Cleaning your refrigerator’s coils will help it run more efficiently and help save energy in your new home. Every 3-6 months, you’re supposed to check and clean your coils. Before putting your refrigerator in its place, consider cleaning the coils now while it’s out.

When Moving Your Refrigerator – Do Not…

How To Move A Refrigerator and Keep it Safe When Moving

Remember, when moving, refrigerators shouldn’t be treated like any old piece of furniture. There are certain ways you need to handle a refrigerator and things you need to do before plugging it in.

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