dishwasher AEG i10 error code

We have described the error code i10 dishwasher AEG, the causes of the malfunction, the recommendations of diagnostics and repair. For convenience, arranged in a convenient and understandable table below.

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Error i10 dishwasher AEG, transcript

Error code Description Causes and solution
i10 Water does not flow or flows too slowly. After the time set by the program, the required amount of water is not collected. The malfunction is caused by a breakdown of the pressure switch or a clogged filter. Mechanical damage/natural wear of the filling valve is also possible. The water supply tap may be closed. Check whether the water supply tap is open, whether there is sufficient pressure in it. Perform a visual inspection of the hose to see if it is pinched or leaking. If the cause is faulty parts, contact the service.