Error codes dishwashers DAEWOO

We have collected all the error codes of DAEWOO dishwashers with a detailed description of the causes of malfunctions, diagnostics and repair. For convenience, arranged in a convenient and understandable table below.

The models with the display show the alphanumeric combination on your display, find it in the table and find out the reason for the error.

Models without a display do not execute the specified program and according to the lit or flashing lights placed on the control panel, you can find out the problem.

DAEWOO dishwashers errors, decoding

Error code Description Causes and solution
E1 Door not closed.The drum door may not be closed tightly. Check the door seal. Also, check if the dishes interfere with the closing of the hatch.
E2 The water intake valve is defective.Occurs when there is a problem with pouring water into the drum. It is necessary to check the serviceability of the valve and the absence of blockage in the water filter.
E3 Water drains slowly.It is necessary to check: 1. Serviceability of the pump and its blockage. 2. Clogged filter. 3. Correct connection of the water drain. 4. No kink in the drain hose.
E4 The temperature sensor is defective.Occurs when there is poor contact between the meter and the control unit. Also, the failure of the sensor is not ruled out, it must be replaced.
E5 Water leak.There is liquid in the sump. It is necessary to detect a leak by checking all the connections of the system, the tightness of the pump, the serviceability of the meter.
E6 Leak detected.A water leak was detected from the drum water supply system, as well as the water drain system. A detailed inspection of all connections is required for tightness.
E7 Heating problem.The water does not heat up to the set temperature. It is recommended that the electrical heater be checked for proper operation. The defective part must be replaced.