Error codes refrigerators Candy

We have collected all the error codes of Candy refrigerators with a detailed description of the causes of malfunctions, diagnostics and repair. For convenience, arranged in a convenient and understandable table below.

The models with the display show the alphanumeric combination on your display, find it in the table and find out the reason for the error.

Models without a display do not execute the specified program and according to the lit or flashing lights placed on the control panel, you can find out the problem.

Candy refrigerators errors, decoding

Error code Description Causes and solution
E0 Electronics not working.The system board is faulty, the contacts are loose. Contact the service center for equipment diagnostics and parts replacement.
E01 The temperature regime is not correct.The integrity of the seals on the door is broken or freon is leaking out. The service technician will replace the sealing gum and eliminate the refrigerant leak.
E02 The thermostat is defective.The bellows tube is damaged, as a result of which the motor may not even start. Call a service worker for diagnostics and repair.
E03 Freon leak.The refrigerant supply pipe is broken, the temperature is high in the chambers. You need to contact the service center to replace the tube and replenish the device with freon.
E04 The temperature sensor shows the wrong temperature.The thermal sensor has failed, it shows the temperature mode incorrectly. Unload the device, adjust the temperature according to the instructions.
E05 The temperature sensor is not functioning.The contacts are burnt out or the temperature setting is incorrect. Set the factory settings, contact the service department.