Error codes induction cookers Electrolux

We have collected all the error codes of Electrolux induction cookers with a detailed description of the causes of malfunctions, diagnostics and repair. For convenience, arranged in a convenient and understandable table below.

The models with the display show the alphanumeric combination on your display, find it in the table and find out the reason for the error.

Models without a display do not execute the specified program and according to the lit or flashing lights placed on the control panel, you can find out the problem.

Electrolux induction cookers errors, decoding

Error code Description Causes and solution
L The "Child Protection" mode is active.To deactivate child protection, press and hold the lock key for a few seconds until a beep sounds.
F Use of unsuitable cookware on the cooking zone.There can be several reasons: a round or ribbed bottom (as a result, an air cushion is formed). Or you took a pot / frying pan without a ferromagnetic coating, which is also prohibited.
E1 The temperature of the electronics module has been exceeded.Most often, a breakdown is provoked by a short circuit of the module, Contact burnout is another reason. Contact service to replace defective components and electronics.
E3 Lost communication with inverter.The malfunction occurs due to an interruption in the circuit or errors in the installation of the hob. It is necessary to contact customer service to troubleshoot / replace the inverter.
E4 Overheating of burners.Most likely you cook at the highest power. The cooling element and ventilation can not cope. Reduce the heating intensity of the burner or switch off until completely cooled.
E5 No network contactCheck the line voltage; it may be too low or high. Reboot the device. The power cable may often be pinched or damaged.
E6 Communication with the power inverter is interrupted.In this case, the contacts on the block or the inverter itself burned out. It is impossible to fix the breakdown yourself. To install serviceable contacts or a unit, you must contact service.
E7 The cooling fan is blocked or broken.Turn on the large hotplate for a minute and turn it on. Try to clean the fan. If cleaning does not give the desired result, contact the service to replace it.
E8 There is no communication between the power inverter and the display unit.You need to install a new central connector on the brewing unit. There may be problems in the touch panel itself. Call the wizard from the service center.
E9 Faulty electronics.The cause of the breakdown could be a circuit in the network or a marriage, oxidation of contacts. A complete replacement of the electronics module is required, contact a service center.