Error codes washing machine Ignis

We have collected all the error codes of Ignis washing machine with a detailed description of the causes of malfunctions, diagnostics and repair. For convenience, arranged in a convenient and understandable table below.

The models with the display show the alphanumeric combination on your display, find it in the table and find out the reason for the error.

Models without a display do not execute the specified program and according to the lit or flashing lights placed on the control panel, you can find out the problem.

Ignis washing machine errors, decoding

Error code Description Causes and solution
Feed tap lock icon Water does not enter the machine. Make sure the water tap is open, the pressure in the water supply system is good, the hose and filter are passable.
Pump Icon Waste water does not drain. Inspect the entire drainage system for clogging, hose, filter, drain pump.
bdd (all LEDs are on) The drum is not closed. Close the drum again.
F09 Water overflow detected in the tank. Inspect the washing machine for leaks, drip tray.
F02 - F35 except F09 Malfunctions of the electronic module. It is necessary to diagnose the electronic module, its circuits.
FA No water is accumulated, the level sensor sends an empty tank signal. Make sure the water is flowing. Check level sensor.
FOD Increased foaming during washing. Reduce the detergent dosage or use a different powder.