Error codes washing machine AEG

We have collected all the error codes of AEG washing machine with a detailed description of the causes of malfunctions, diagnostics and repair. For convenience, arranged in a convenient and understandable table below.

The models with the display show the alphanumeric combination on your display, find it in the table and find out the reason for the error.

Models without a display do not execute the specified program and according to the lit or flashing lights placed on the control panel, you can find out the problem.

AEG washing machine errors, decoding

Error code Description Causes Solution
E11 Does not draw water. The tank for some time was not filled with the necessary amount of water. The filling valve or its control circuit has broken. Destroyed valve winding. Blockage in the water intake system. Water pressure too low. When checking with a tester, a valid item will show a value of 3.75 kOm.
E13 Water leak. The tightness of the connections is broken. Check the machine for leaks. Usually will be visible on the pallet.
E21 Do not drain used water. The drainage pump broke. The drain system is clogged. The pump broke. Module failed. Use the tester. Check the winding. With a good pump will show 170 ohms.
E23 Breakdown of the simistor control unit. - Check this item. It needs to be replaced (possibly the entire control unit) if it is out of order.
E24 The circuit between the triac control and the drain pump is broken. - The condition of all sections of this circuit is checked visually and by a tester.
E31 Broken water level sensor. The frequency of this sensor exceeds the permissible limits. Breakage is possible. New insulation or replacement of electrical wiring. Sensor replacement.
E32 The level sensor is not calibrated. Regarding the initial calibration, the water level exceeds 0-66 mm, and does not reach the anti-boiling level. Clean the filter. Remove the clamps, sensor nipple and replace with a new one. The pressure switch changes in the event of a breakdown.
E33 The problem in the work of the three sensors: pressure; heater protection; first level. 1. Breakage of these elements. 2. Level sensor connections are clogged. 3. The intake pressure chamber of these elements is clogged. 4. The voltage in the network exceeds the maximum allowable. 5. Heater leak. Check the tester in buzzer mode whether the heating element punches the case. The tester will squeak if there is one.
E34 Disruption of the operation of the pressostat circuit and the anti-boiling sensor. Faulty sensor or wiring leading to it. Replace the sensor. Check the wiring that leads to it, clean, replace if necessary. Replacing his pipe.
E35 Overflowed water tank. Too much water has poured. Testing pressostat tester. Replace sensor if defective.
E36 Broken sensor protection tubular heater. - Replace it.
E37 The first water level sensor is broken. - Replace it.
E38 The difference in pressure is not fixed. Clogged pipe. Remove, clean or replace the nipple.
E39 The problem is in the sensor that captures the transfusion of water in the tank. - Replace it.
E3A Broken relay TENA. - Change the relay.
E41 The hatch cover is not fixed. The door is not closed tightly. If it does not help, it is necessary to replace the handle with a guide.
E42 The bollard blocker is broken. - Check the hatch lock, in case of breakage, replace it with a new one.
E43 Failure of the simulator. - Replace with new.
E44 Broken sensor closing the hatch. - Change to a new one.
E45 In the circuit between the control triac and the hatch lock there is a malfunction of the elements. - Elements of this chain are checked.
E51 There is a short circuit in the motor triac. - Triac is checked, in case of breakage replace.
E52 The control unit does not receive signals from the motor tachogenerator. A puck may have fallen off the tachogenerator's body which fixes the coil. Put a new sensor.
E53 Fault in the motor triac control circuit. - All elements of this chain are checked.
E54 Sticking contact groups in the engine reverse relay. - Check and replace the relay.
E55 Open motor circuit. - Wiring is checked and changed, electric motor.
E56 No tacho signal. - It needs to be replaced.
E57 Exceeding the current threshold above 15 Amps. - Installing a new engine. Repair wiring. Replacing the module.
E58 The phase current exceeds the allowable threshold of 4.5 Amps per motor. - Installing a new engine, wiring module.
E59 There is no signal from the tachogenerator after setting the new rotation speed. - Check and replace tachogenerator, module, wiring, engine.
E5A Exceeding the threshold of 88 degrees in the cooling radiator. - Replace the control unit.
E5B Low bus voltage. Below 175V. - Need a new controller, inspection, and possibly replace the wiring.
E5C High bus voltage. Below 430B. - Repair or replacement of the control unit.
E5D FCV does not transmit messages. - Install a new or repair control unit.
E5E There was a failure in the connection between the FCV control and the PCB. - Repairing, installing a new control unit.
E5F The FCV board is constantly requesting configuration. - Check wiring and control box.
E61 When heated, the temperature of the water does not heat up to that specified for a certain time. The code can not be seen during normal operation of the AEG washing machine. It is determined during the diagnosis. Testing TENA tester. A working heater will produce a resistance of 20-40 ohms at room temperature.
E62 Overheating water. The temperature sensor is out of order. It needs to be checked by the tester. Resistance 5,7 - 6,3 kOhm at serviceable.
E66 Heater relay malfunction. - Heater relay and control circuit is checked.
E68 High current in SM. - Replacing the heater.
E71 High resistance of the thermal sensor. Thermistor / Circuits Short Circuit. The reason for the heater / sensor. All these details are checked.
E74 The temperature sensor in the tank has shifted. - Check and position the thermistor correctly.
E82 When choosing the position of the selector wheel failed. Module malfunction. Violation of the wiring. Fault selector. Check and replace these items.
E83 Data is not read from the program selector. In normal mode is not available. To display must be diagnostic mode. Need to replace the module.
E84 Failure pump recognition (recirculation). The output voltage is 0-5 V. Replace module.
E85 Malfunctioning recirculation pump or thyristor - Replace them.
E91 Communication failure of the main unit and the interface. - Replace the control unit.
E92 Communication failure between the user interface and the main unit. - Installing a new control unit.
E93 CM configuration error. - Enter the correct configuration code.
E94 Incorrect configuration of the washing machine and program cycle. Requires rewriting of non-volatile memory of the control unit or its replacement. It is necessary to rewrite the memory control unit.
E95 Communication failure between the processor and memory. The following procedure is required: Check the circuit between the processor and the EEPROM chip. Check the power on the chip non-volatile memory. It is necessary to check the circuit between the elements, the power supply of the memory chip.
E96 The configuration of the controller is different from other external elements. - Check configuration.
E97 Malfunction of the selector wheel with the control unit software. Configuration error or unit malfunction. Check the configuration. Install a new unit.
E98 The difference in the work between the engine and BU. - Put a new board, wiring.
E99 A non-factory connection of the sound unit and input / output electronics is established. - Replace the audio unit wiring.
E9A Communication software is broken electronics and dynamics. - Replace the electronic unit.
EA1 Broke DSP-system. - Installing a new main unit, DSP, drive belt, wiring.
EA2 DSP is not recognized. - Need a new main unit.
EA3 DSP motor pulley fixing does not work. - New main unit, wiring, belt drive, DSP.
EA4 Breakdown of the DSP itself. - Only the replacement of the DSP, the main unit.
EA5 Thyristor DSP out of order. - Install the main unit.
EA6 For the first 30 seconds of the washing machine, the drum rotation signal does not come. - Replacing the drive belt or the DSP itself.
EB1 Not compatible mains power frequency with acceptable. - Network settings are checked.
EB2 The voltage in the network exceeds the allowable. - Check network settings.
EB3 The network voltage is below acceptable. - Check network settings.
EBE Broken protective circuit relay. - Replace the control unit.
EBF The protective circuit is not recognized. - Change control unit.
EC1 Priming valve blocked. - The water intake valve, wiring and electronics need to be replaced.
EC2 Violation of the turbidity sensor. - Change the sensor.
EF1 Blocked filter or drain hose. The filter or drain hose is clogged. Clean the drain system. Check the pump.
EF2 High foaming during draining. Possible clogging of one of the elements of the drain system. Cleaning the entire drain system. Check drain pump. Reduce the dosage of the powder.
EF3 The signal system "Aqua Control". Malfunction or breakage of the drain pump cable. Replace the pump, pump cable.
EF4 Notification of the operation of the water intake valves by the flow sensor is not transmitted. Access to water supply is blocked or due to low pressure in the water supply system. Check the water supply valve and pressure in the water system.
EF5 Spin aborted. Imbalance due to the large volume of things. Reduce the amount of laundry.
EH1 Frequency voltage exceeded. Interference in the power supply. Check the network. May need to replace the unit.
EH2 High voltage. Not a suitable power source. Replacement electronics.
EH3 Low voltage No suitable interfering power supply. Replace electronics.
EHE The protective circuit relay does not work. - Replacement electronics or relays.
EHF The protective circuit is not recognized. - Electronics is changing.
C0 Broken water level sensor. - Change the sensor.
C1 No water enters the tank. Clogged bay system. Error in electronics. Low pressure in the water supply system. Check the water supply system.
C2 Broken UBL. - Update wiring or UBL.
C3 Module breakdown. - Check and possibly replace the item.
C4 Broken drainage pump. - Performance check, replacement.
C5 Overheating of the motor sensor. - Check and replace.
C6 Pressure switch defective. - Installing a new relay after verification.
C7 TEN failed - Check and replace the heater.
C8 Thermistor failure. - Replacement item after diagnosis.
C9 Sensor Error Takho. - Check item Replace if necessary.
CF Memory failure. - Check, repair, replacement of electronics.
CD The hatch is open. The door is not tightly closed. Possible violation of integrity in the wiring of the blocker. Close the door tightly again.