Error codes washing machine Samsung

We have collected all the error codes of Samsung washing machine with a detailed description of the causes of malfunctions, diagnostics and repair. For convenience, arranged in a convenient and understandable table below.

The models with the display show the alphanumeric combination on your display, find it in the table and find out the reason for the error.

Models without a display do not execute the specified program and according to the lit or flashing lights placed on the control panel, you can find out the problem.

Samsung washing machine errors, decoding

Errors of Samsung washing machines without display

Icons of all modes are lit Active temperature indicators Description Reasons and Solution
Lower. Water does not enter the machine. Check the availability of water supply all the way.
Second from the bottom. Waste water does not drain. Make sure there is no clogging in any element of the drain system.
2 lower. Excessive water level. Make sure that the supply and drain system is correctly connected, that their elements are in good working order.
2nd on top. An imbalance is detected during washing. Things went astray. You need to redistribute them evenly.
The second top and bottom. No heating water. Check if the electrical connection is correct.
Two central. There is no fluid heating. Perhaps the tubular electric heater does not work.
All light bulbs. The hatch door is open. Make sure that the hatch is tightly closed.
The three lower ones. The water level sensor does not transmit a signal. The sensor has failed.
All the top ones. Hot water is supplied to the Samsung washing machine. Connect the hose to the correct tap.
Lower and upper. Water drains from the machine. Poor connection of the drain hose or a crack in the tank.
Upper and second lower. The tachometer has failed. Breakage or breakage of its wiring.
Two bottom + top. The button on the control panel is out of order. Sticky buttons are possible.
Upper and two lower. The heating degree meter is out of order. The meter must be replaced with a working one.

Errors of Samsung washing machines with display

Error code Description Reasons and Solution
5E The water used for washing does not drain. Check hose, filter, pump for blockages and proper functioning.
5C Draining used water does not work. Inspect the entire drainage system and its components for clogging, hose, pump and filters.
E2 Waste water discharge does not work. There may be a problem in the drain pump or a blockage in the system or filter.
H1 There is no heat. Incorrect connection to the power supply is possible.
H2 Water is not heated. Faulty tubular heater.
HE The water in the tank is not heated. The tubular heater is out of order.
HE1 For a certain time, the water did not warm up to the required level. Check the operation of the heating element.
HE2 The incoming water in the tank does not heat up. Temperature sensor or heater failed.
HC Samsung washing machine does not heat water. Check the health of the heater.
HC1 No fluid heating. Tubular heater is faulty. Replace with a new one.
HC2 No fluid heating. Tubular heater defective.
E5 There is no signal of water heating. Tubular heater does not work.
E6 After filling the tank with water, it does not heat up. Diagnose the electric heater and its circuits. If it breaks down, replace it with a working one.
4E No water supply to the tank. Check if the tap is open, the pressure in the water supply system.
4C The tank is not filling. Inspect the entire feed system for obstruction or bending of the hose.
E1 There is no signal about filling the tank with water. There may be a blockage in the water supply path, the hose is bent or transferred, the Aqua Stop system is activated
4C2 Instead of cold, hot water is supplied (above 50 ° C). The inlet hose is not connected properly. Check if it is connected to a cold water tap.
SUD Increased foaming during washing. Reduce the dosage of detergent or use a different one.
5D (SD) Excessive foam level is recorded in the tank. Be sure to use the correct dosage of powder and whether it is suitable for your machine.
UE Imbalance during drum rotation. When washing, things went wrong in one pile, upsetting the balance.
UB Unbalanced distribution of things in the drum. To eliminate the imbalance when rotating the drum, distribute them evenly.
E4 During washing, the drum is unbalanced. Perhaps too many or few things. Redistribute the laundry evenly.
LE Leak detected. Inspect the machine for cracks or leaks.
LC A water leak has been detected in the sump. Check pan, level sensor, tank integrity.
E9 Spontaneous discharge of water without a program team. Incorrect connection of the drain hose. Failure of the tank level meter or a crack in the tank, hoses.
3E Motor overload detected. Perhaps too many things have led to overload.
3Е1 The motor is overloaded. Exceeding the permissible level of filling the drum.
3Е2 Overload in engine operation. Try to reduce the number of things in the drum to reduce the load.
3Е3 Engine blocking. Damage or obstruction to the movement of an object.
3Е4 The motor is locked. Inspect the engine system, possibly a foreign object interferes with its operation.
3C Motor lock detected. Something is interfering with his free work. Make sure that the electric motor itself is working.
3C1 Engine malfunction. Malfunction of one or more elements of the power circuit of the electric motor.
3C2 The motor is locked. Check if it is blocked by a foreign object.
3C3 The engine is out of order. It is necessary to carry out its diagnosis, repair or replacement in case of breakdown.
3C4 Electric motor overload. Check the health of the motor, its power circuits, and control module.
EA The electric motor is defective. The motor is blocked or completely out of order.
UC Interruptions or power outages. A voltage supply of less than 200 volts or greater than 250 volts is detected.
9C The power supply voltage is too high or low. Ensure that there is no interference, voltage drop, or overvoltage.
DE The boot shaft door is not tightly closed. Make sure nothing obstructs tight closing.
DE1 The loading shaft hatch is open. Perhaps something is preventing the tight closing of the hatch door.
DE2 The hatch door is not locked. Check the lock mechanism of the boot shaft cover for functionality.
DC The hatch of the laundry loading shaft is not closed. Re-close the hatch, make sure the lock is in good working order.
DC1 The machine door is not tightly closed. Check the condition of the lock and locking mechanism.
DC2 The boot shaft door is open. Lock is not tightly closed or broken, lock system.
ED Do not lock the door. Something may be interfering with the lock, a malfunction of the closing mechanism or the lock.
DС3 The door to load things during washing is not closed or locked. Before starting the washing process, they forgot to close the "Add Door" door.
DDC Incorrect opening of the "Add Door" door during washing. The hatch was opened during the execution of the washing program without stopping by the “Pause / Start” button
LE1 Water leaking to the bottom of the Samsung washing machine. Drain filter may leak due to damage, powder container, internal connections.
LC1 An accumulation of water has been detected in the sump. Inspect all hoses and connections, filters, tank for damage and leaks.
TE Temperature sensor malfunctioning. Open sensor or its power supply circuit.
TE1 The temperature sensor has failed. Check its performance and replace it with a working one.
TE2 The temperature meter does not transmit signals. Possible breakage or wiring.
TE3 There is no signal from the temperature meter in the tank. Break in communication with the measuring device.
TC The temperature sensor is out of order. Perhaps there was a short circuit. It is also necessary to check the connection circuits.
TC1 Lost communication with the fluid heating sensor. Inspect all connection wires and repair the open.
TC2 The temperature sensor is defective. The sensor itself or its connections could suffer from a short circuit, replacement of elements is needed.
TC3 There is no signal from the heating meter. Inspect the connectors and wiring. Perhaps the contacts broke.
TC4 Defective temperature meter. Install a workable item.
EC The temperature sensor is malfunctioning or damaged. Broke due to damage or breakage.
0E Too much water in the typewriter. Faulty fill valve or locked in open position.
0F The water in the washer exceeded the maximum allowable mode. Incorrect connection of the drain or feed system.
0C Water level has reached a maximum. Check if the machine is connected correctly and the supply valve is working properly, and there is no blockage in the drainage system.
E3 A large amount of water in the machine. The valve on the feed is blocked in the open position.
The water level meter does not transmit signals. There may be a break in the wiring or damage to the sensor.
1C The tank full level sensor is out of order. Check its serviceability or install a new one.
E7 The fluid level sensor is out of order. Open sensor, contacts, wiring. Inspect; replace if defective.
BE Failure of the control panel keys. Inspect the panel connection; oxidation or contact breakage is possible.
BE1 One or more keys on the control panel are faulty. Check the functionality of the buttons, connections and contacts.
BE2 Failed buttons or buttons control panels. Plastic control buttons may stick to create an error.
BE3 One or several buttons on the remote control do not work. Make sure the buttons are working properly; they may get stuck.
BC2 The keys on the remote control do not work. Perhaps there was a short circuit of the panel with the keys. Make sure the power to the panel and the operation of the buttons.
EB Breakdown of the button / buttons located on the control panel. Sticky / stuck plastic buttons have occurred. There may be a break in the control panel contacts.
AE Failure between control cards. Check control board contacts. Possible oxidation.
AC A break in the connection between the control boards of the system. Failure of one of the control cards, carry out diagnostics and replace faulty elements.
AC6 There is no communication between the control cards. Open circuit connection system control boards.
CE Waste water before discharge did not cool below the permissible 55 ° C. Instead of cold, hot is connected to the feed.
8E The vibration level meter is out of order. Perhaps it was damaged, replace it with a working one.
8E1 Sensor "VTR +" is defective. The sensor has been damaged or shorted. Install a new one.
8C Malfunction of the vibration meter "VTR +". Damaged meter or its winding.
8C1 The vibration sensor "VTR +" has failed. The sensor is broken or its winding is broken. Check it for serviceability or replace it with a new one.
EE The sensor in the dryer measuring the temperature has failed. (Only for machines with drying function) The sensor wiring or the sensor itself is damaged. Check and repair the open.
FE Dryer fan defective. (Exclusively for machines with dryer) Check it for performance, replace it with a working one in case of breakage.
FC The dryer / fan of the dryer is out of order. (Applies only to models with drying function) Test circuit elements for serviceability. Replace defective items.
SDC The automatic dispenser has broken. (The error appears only in Samsung washing machines with Wi-Fi function) Diagnose the Wi-Fi module and the dispenser. Replace the defective item that is exiting.
6C The problem with the automatic dispenser drive in cars with the Wi-Fi function. Damage to the drive or interruption of the metering wiring. Inspect the elements of the chain.
2H 2 hours are left to complete the washing process. Signals that the time until completion is about 2 hours.
3H 3 hours left until the end of the wash. Reports that the remaining time until the end of washing is about 3 hours.
4H The time remaining until the end of the wash is 4 hours. Appears when more than 99 minutes are left until the end of the wash. And in this case, it displays a timer until the end of the wash - 4 hours.
Hot Excessive temperature inside the drum. The permissible temperature threshold of 70 ° C inside the drum has been exceeded.
A0 - A9 Factory test mode activated. Review the instructions and turn off this mode.
B0 The machine is in active factory testing mode. Disable factory test mode.
C0 Test mode (factory) activated. Put the washing machine in normal operation.
D0 The error reports activation of the factory test mode. Deactivate the test mode and put the machine into standard mode.
E0 Informs about the included test factory mode. Turn off test mode.
PoF During the washing program, electricity was lost. (Displays error after power is restored) The power was turned off during the wash.
BC Samsung washing machine does not start the engine. Damage to the motor or triac responsible for starting the rotation.