Error codes washing machine Whirlpool

We have collected all the error codes of Whirlpool washing machine with a detailed description of the causes of malfunctions, diagnostics and repair. For convenience, arranged in a convenient and understandable table below.

The models with the display show the alphanumeric combination on your display, find it in the table and find out the reason for the error.

Models without a display do not execute the specified program and according to the lit or flashing lights placed on the control panel, you can find out the problem.

Whirlpool washing machine errors, decoding

Error code Description Reasons and Solution
FH (F01) Water does not flow into the tank or is less than the permissible level to start washing. Make sure the connection is correct, good pressure in the water supply system. The tap may be closed. Blockage in the feed system, valve, filter, hose. In case of breakage, replace the item with a working one.
FA (F02) Alarm signal of the Aquastop system. Most likely, the inlet valve is blocked or the tank, pipes, hoses are depressurized. Find and eliminate the cause of the leak.
FP (F03) Waste water from the tank does not drain. Make sure the pump is working properly for pumping waste water, its contacts and filter. Also inspect the drainage system; it may be clogged. One of the reasons may be a breakdown of the control unit.
F04 A malfunction of the heating system is detected, the water does not heat up to the required temperature. Check all the circuits of the temperature sensor, its contacts. In case of breakage, replace the sensor with a working one.
F05 Broken temperature sensor. Check the temperature sensor, its resistance. Replace with a working item.
F06 There is no signal from the tachogenerator. The motor runs at low speed or does not work at all. It is necessary to check the operability of the tachogenerator, its spring washer and power supply circuit. If the tachogenerator is damaged, replace it with a working one.
F07 The motor control circuit is malfunctioning. If the motor control board malfunctions, the triac most likely burned out. Replace the triac or the entire module.
F08 The tubular heater is out of order. Check the operation of the electric heater, its wiring, and contacts. Perhaps the contacts just oxidized. Also, the problem may be in the pressure switch, a failure of the electronic unit, a violation of the thermistor circuit. Replace the defective item.
F09 Water overflow detected. Check pressure sensor and its connections, filling valve, control module, pressure switch. Install a working part.
F10 The electric motor is out of order. The problem is a thermistor or triac. Replace the serviceable item or install a new motor control unit.
F11 Communication failure Verify that there are no power failures. There may be a problem in high or low voltage.
F12 For a certain time, the water did not warm up to the temperature necessary for washing. A relay has stuck on the electronic unit that is responsible for heating the water, breaking the temperature sensor. The heating element is broken or punches on the body. Diagnose with a tester.
F13 For a certain time, the water did not accumulate or merge. Possible low pressure in the water supply, clogged powder compartment, dispenser, filler valve or filter. Inspect the filler and drainage system.
F14 The EEPROM values ​​are incorrect. The problem with the processor. Controller firmware is required or complete replacement of the control module.
F15 Damage to the electric motor. Check and replace the defective item. Perhaps the reason is the control board, relay, triac, motor brushes, tachogenerator, wiring between the board and the electric motor.
F16 Failure in the control system. It is necessary to check the contacts, sections of the board. If broken, replace the item with a working one.
Fod (F18) Washing stopped due to increased foaming. Try reducing the dosage of the powder. If the failure recurs, use a different washing powder.
F19 Violation of the power system. Low voltage in the power supply network, damage to the power cord, broken mains filter.
F20 A command board failure has been detected. You need to restart the wash mode again. You may need to repair or replace the board.
F21 Faulty control module. An open circuit between the board and the control panel. It is necessary to inspect the contacts (possibly oxidized), wiring. Repair or replacement board.
F22 Electric heater malfunctioning. Perhaps there was a break in the wiring between the tubular heater and the board. It is necessary to inspect the wiring and heater.
F23 There is a malfunction in the bay system, empty or full tank. The feed system, filter, hose may be clogged. Check the pressure switch; if it breaks, replace it with a working one.
F24 Damage to the system responsible for controlling the water level. For more than 1 minute, a signal about a full tank. Check the pressure switch for its operation. Install a working element in case of breakage.
F26 Completely no motor rotation. Diagnose the motor. If no problem is detected, the module is checked.
F27 The electric motor rotates only in one direction. Most likely, the motor relay in the electronic module burned out. Need diagnostics and replacement.
F28 The low speed of the electric motor does not turn on. The problem may be in the stator winding relay. Check and replace the defective part.
F31 The software could not be updated via the Internet. The problem is the internet connection. Check the connection, contact your Internet service provider or service center.
FDL Faulty manhole cover lock. Checking the contacts of the sunroof locking device is required. In the event that the contacts are in order, the lock must be completely replaced.
FDU The closing and fixing of the hatch door is not fixed. Re-close the manhole cover. Make sure it is closed tightly. If this does not help, check the sunroof lock.
bdd Drum folds are not closed properly. Hold the "Reset" button for 3 seconds, wait for the message that the drum is open. Open the hatch door, re-close the flaps of the drum, close the hatch, select and start the program. If this does not help, contact the wizard.