Error codes washing machine Zanussi

We have collected all the error codes of Zanussi washing machine with a detailed description of the causes of malfunctions, diagnostics and repair. For convenience, arranged in a convenient and understandable table below.

The models with the display show the alphanumeric combination on your display, find it in the table and find out the reason for the error.

Models without a display do not execute the specified program and according to the lit or flashing lights placed on the control panel, you can find out the problem.

Zanussi washing machine errors, decoding

Error code Description Reasons and Solution
E11 Water is not poured into the tank during washing or the water level has not reached the required level for a certain time. Check the operation of the bay valves, the triac control circuit on the electronic controller. Tester valve winding (resistance of about 3.75 kOhm). Blockage in the supply system, poor pressure in the water supply system.
E13 There is a leakage of water in the pan. Inspect the drip tray for water and the housing for leaks. Find and repair the cause of the leak.
E21 Water was not completely drained from the tank for a certain time. Malfunction of the drain pump. Inspect the drainage system, filters, nozzles for clogging, clean items. Punch the winding of the drain pump with a tester (resistance of about 170 ohms). Another reason may be in the electronic controller.
E23 The control triac of the drain pump is out of order. You need to check the triac and controller. In case of breakage, replace the element with a new one.
E24 Breakage in the control circuit of the drain pump. Diagnose the triac and circuits (located on the control controller), in case of breakage, install a new element.
E31 The pressure sensor does not transmit signals; it is out of order. Call the tester the pressure sensor and the wiring (it may break). Install a working sensor.
E32 Incorrectly calibrated pressure sensor. After the initial calibration, the water level in the tank is outside the permissible range of 0-66 mm, the level of anti-boiling is not reached. Perhaps the water tap is closed, the filter is clogged, the filling valve, pressure switch, pressure sensor malfunction.
E33 Incorrect operation of water level sensors, protection of a tubular electric heater. One of the water level sensors / electric heater protection is defective. Clogged tube for liquid level meters. The permissible voltage level in the power supply or a leak on the casing of the tubular electric heater is exceeded.
E34 There is no connection between the pressure switch and the second level of anti-boiling. It is necessary to check the wiring, pressure gauge (pressure switch) and its tube. Replace the broken item with a new one.
E35 An excess of the permissible water level in the tank is recorded, overflow is possible. While water was entering the tank, the overflow level switch opened for more than 15 seconds. Make sure the pressure switch is working, change to working if necessary.
E36 The sensor responsible for protecting the tubular heater is out of order. Need diagnostics of the health of this sensor, in case of breakage, replace with a new one.
E37 The meter of the first water level is out of order. Diagnose the sensor, if it is broken, install a new one.
E38 There is no fixation of the pressure difference. Most likely the pressure switch tube is clogged. Inspect and clean the handset.
E39 Damage to the overflow level meter (HV1 S). Before replacing the sensor, make sure that it is malfunctioning.
E3a The tube heater relay is out of order. A check of the operation of the relay and the electronic unit is required. In the event of a breakdown, replace with a working element.
E41 There is no fixation for closing the sunroof. Close the hatch again. Make sure that the lock and the lock are in good condition.
E42 Manhole cover is not locked. Check the condition of the lock and the sunroof lock mechanism.
E43 The control triac of the hatch lock lock (located on the electronic unit) is out of order. In this case, the operability of the locking mechanism, triac is checked.
E44 The sensor fixing the closing of the manhole cover is broken. Check if the latch sensor is working. If broken, replace with a working item.
E45 Elements in the control circuit of the triac lock hatch lock are out of order. Elements and triac are located on the electronic controller. You must make sure that the elements and circuits of the hatch lock triac are in good condition.
E51 A short circuit occurred in the motor control triac (located on the electronic controller). Check and in case of breakage replace with a new motor control triac.
E52 The motor tachogenerator does not transmit signals to the electronic controller. Most likely, the lock washer was disconnected from the tachogenerator body. Because of this, the sensor coil has shifted from its seat. Correct also in case of another breakdown of the sensor, replace it with a working one.
E53 One or more elements of the circuit of the triac motor control failed. (All elements and the triac itself are on the electronic controller). The tacho sensor has shifted from its place. Correct the sensor. Replace if broken. Additionally, the problem may be in the reverse relay, motor, electronic unit or wiring.